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HDG is an architecture and design studio based in Spokane, Washington.
‘Make it Matter’, a principle HDG was founded on, sets the standard for their approach to every client and every project decision.

An award-winning Pacific Northwest firm, HDG’s artful conceptions are found across the globe, in Seattle, Oahu, New York, Idaho, Spokane, rural Washington, Pennsylvania, and other areas.


Propaganda Creative

Propaganda is a full service design firm located in Spokane, Washington. Small but mighty; they provide web design, graphic design, and other marketing services with a focus on amplifying brands and helping good people create success.



Faber designs and manufactured custom cabinetworks. Faber's clientele are designers, architects, restaurateurs, and homeowners with a vision; they know they want something stunning and unique. Helping to combine form, function, and beauty; The team will help bring your vision to life through detailed materials consultation, 3D renderings, and of course, craftsmanship guided by large body of experience.


about us

the foundation

Josh Hissong and Armando Hurtado—two guys who believe the places people work, live, and play in can transform their experience—launched HDG in 2011. They built the business, with coworkers who love the craft, into a multifaceted organization that includes architecture, interior design, fabrication, branding, graphic design, and marketing services, affording HDG cohesive project solutions.

Since 2011, they have completed over 400 projects, ranging from residential remodels to ground-up mixed-use, while constantly striving to improve the process.

the vision

Each team member adds a diverse style and a valued perspective to the work. As a visionary firm, they listen carefully to their clients, then lead with invention and insight to make sure the feeling of a building or space is spot on. It is an interactive, site-specific endeavor that merges art with engineering to deliver functional, extraordinary spaces that meet client needs and spark the senses.

Dedicated to fusing their designs with the community, HDG creates an evocative style that melds with the area’s history and speaks to future generations. The team analyzes, explores, and imagines while crafting uplifting designs that contribute to urban renewal, builds atmosphere, shapes people’s lives, and makes a difference. For HDG, it’s all about fashioning a more vibrant world.

the dough

Do your champagne tastes match your pocketbook? Are you afraid of getting embroiled in a project that drains your bank account? HDG is a master at adhering to budgets because we know savvy people want to spend what they want to spend. We gear our work to your budget. Let’s talk.

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HDG Architecture

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